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Sinus Relieve
Eyas O. Othman, MD

Sinus Angioplasty

Sinus Angioplasty







Sinus Relieve

Sinus Angioplasty, sometimes also referred to as Balloon Sinuplasty, opens the passageways, relieving sinusitis. This is an excellent procedure for those who suffer from chronic sinus problems.

The procedure opens the sinus cavities the same way doctors open clogged arteries when they do balloon angioplasty.

After the siuplasty, the sinus openings become significantly wider. In most cases, they stay that way, because the balloon has actually fractured the bones and spread them apart, all without pain.

In most cases, balloon sinusplasty appears to be more effective than conventional surgery.

Eyas O. Othman, MD, FRCSC

Eyas O. Othman, MD, FRCSCDr. Othman specializes in ear, nose and throat medicine and head & neck surgery. He completed his otolaryngology residency at Dalhousie University and went on to complete a fellowship in head & neck surgery at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Othman is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery.

In addition to the medical and surgical management of snoring, sleep apnea and sinus disease, Dr. Othman has special expertise in minimally invasive thyroid and
parathyroid surgery and head & neck cancer surgery.

Dr. Othman holds a staff position at Ingalls Memorial Hospital and Rush University Medical Center. He offers convenient hours at two
office locations.

Ingalls Family Care Center
19550 Governors Highway
Suite 2700
Ingalls Professional Office Building
71 W. 156th Street
Suite 107

For an appointment, please call (708) 333-0730.

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